Marcoat ® Hotel Restoration offers upscale hotel restoration solutions for the restoration of stone, tile, re-grouting and caulking for guest room bathrooms. Our technicians use our proprietary products and processes to work seamlessly with on-premise management or selected general contractors to provide the craftsmanship and results expected in the high-end hotel market.

Interior services

Marcoat ® Commercial kitchen Re-grouting

We will show how to remove old grout how to install MARCOAT® for extreme services (designed for areas like cook lines, dishwashing, and wet areas) and MARCOAT® for general services


Marcoat ® Marble Polishing & Re-Grouting

In this video, watch as we replace sanded grout in a hotel guest bathroom with our Epoxy Grout. Additionally, watch as we polish the marble in the shower stall of the bathroom and the flooring of the guest bathroom.


Marcoat ® Hotel Bathroom Shower Stall Floor Re-Grouting with Epoxy

We have been contracted to remove the old grout. There is sand we are going to cut out, the grout is cracked and you can see the mildew. We are going to cut out the grout and going to install our Marcoat General Service Epoxy Grout.
After that, the grout will be perfect and maintenance free for years and years to come.


 Marcoat ® Mildew Proof Marine Epoxy CaulkIn this video, watch as a Marcoat installer demonstrations the application of our Flexible Mildew-Proof Epoxy Caulk in a hotel guest bathroom. 

Marcoat ® Nano Technology Grout Stain

In this video, watch Marcoat installers demonstrate the application of Grout Stain in hotel guest bathrooms.


MARCOAT® Wall Regrouting – Nano Technology Grout Stain

Marcoat is equipped to handle grout stain, grout removal & application and caulking. In this video, watch as we demonstrate each of these services in a hotel guest bathroom, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.


Exterior services

Marcoat ® Ruff Trax MMA Paver Floor

  • Recent projects, NYC:
  • Lincoln Center
  • 200 West St
  • Times Square
  • Duffy Square
  • 375 Park Ave

We have been contracted to re-grout approximately 150,000 square feet of outdoor plaza space at Lincoln Center. Before the sand grout was cracked and it also had paver failures.

  • Recent Projects, NYC:
  • Conrad Hotel

Surface protectant



Marcoat’s NOVEX-21D  is an anti-microbial clear coat for hard surfaces protecting against multiple pathogens and infectious diseases. NOVEX-21D provides an invisible shield eliminating the spread of infectious disease. Unlike most disinfectants that contain a mixture of ingredients that breakdown as soon as it is touched, NOVEX-21D binds to hard surfaces and continues working for up to 21 days.

This is the critical difference between the 184 EPA certified disinfectants on the market and NOVEX-21D. These 184 products do work, they eliminate pathogens as they are applied. After they are applied, they leave no protectant and no longer work until the product is applied again. With NOVEX-21D, pathogens and diseases are eliminated with the initial application and continue to work up to 21 days as the surface is in constant contact with the virus or pathogen.

The additive system containing NOVEX-AMG demonstrates a 99.9999% efficacy with a single spray of light mist and wipe application for hard surfaces. This 100% sustainable material product is intended for Hospitality, Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Health Clubs, and other high traffic sectors. With an NSF and pending EPA registration, our system does not require the hiring of a third-party for application. This is a product that can be purchased in large quantities and applied by your housekeeping and engineering staff.

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